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Woza Andries? is a political play written by Robert Volker, and workshopped by the original cast.

Though the original script bears the title Woza Andries?, the play is also referred to in reviews and other materal as Woza Andries!? or Woza Andries!

In some reviews the play is ascribed jointly to Robert Volker and Christiaan Olwagen, while Christiaan Olwagen, in an interview (***), seems to suggest that it was the first play he had written. However, the latter is most probably a wrong interpretation of his reference to the entire creative process, rather than the text alone.

The original text

The play is a response to and a very free adaptation of Woza Albert! (Mtwa, Ngema and Simon, 1981). Written for two white actors, set in the New South Africa. The original text was conceived by and written by Robert Volker, and then workshopped by TEATERteater's actors De Klerk Oelofse, Johan Botha and Kelly-Eve Koopman, with director Christiaan Olwagen and author Volker.

See also Woza Albert!


2010: Performed to critical acclaim at the 2010 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, and went on to play in Stellenbosch and Cape Town in the same year.

2011: Played at the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts at the University of Cape Town

2012: Played at the Aardklop Festival in Potchefstroom

2013: Played at the Vryfees in Bloemfontein


Review by Astrid Stark in The Sunday Independent 5 December 2010, and reproduced on her website under December 6, 2010 in "Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews"[1]

Anton Kreuger. 2014. " 'It's Just Changed Color': Clowning with Parodies of Religion, Race and Nation in Woza Albert! and Woza Andries?", in: Nadine Holdsworth (Ed.). Theatre and National Identity: Re-Imagining Conceptions of Nation. London: Routledge.

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