Windhoek Civic Theatre

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Also referred to simply as the Windhoek Theatre.

Under the chairmanship of the dynamic Olga Levinson, the South West African branch of the South African Association of the Arts actively petitioned for and obtained a civic theatre for Windhoek. It was opened on 3 October 1960, and was managed by the SAAA until 1973, when it was handed over to the South West African Performing Arts Council (SWAPAC) for their management and use.

The first civic theatre built for the city of Windhoek by the regional government at the instigation of the South African Arts Association (South West African Branch), under the Presidency of the dynamic Olga Levinson. It contained an art gallery as well and was opened on 3 October 1960 by the then Administrator Mr D. du P. Viljoen. The theatre was formally managed by the SAAA until 1973. During this time it used by growing numbers of amateurs, schools, semi-professionals, professionals and later the newly formed South West African Performing Arts Council (SWAPAC).

By the beginning of the 1970s it was too small and the SWA Administration had it enlarged and improved. It was reopened on the 12th April 1973 by the Administrator Mr B.J. van der Walt, and handed over to SWAPAC to manage from then onwards. SWAPAC also obtained offices next door. (See also South West African Performing Arts Council and Namibian Performing Arts Council?*)

In post-independence Namibia, it was renamed the National Theatre of Namibia


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