Will Any Gentleman?

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Will Any Gentleman? is a farce by Vernon Sylvaine (1896–1957)[1]

The original text

First performed at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool in July 1950, before playing at the Strand Theatre in the West End between September 1950 and July 1951.

Translations and adaptations

Filmed in 1953, directed by Michael Anderson with George Cole in the leading role.

Translated into Afrikaans by Johan Mocke and entitled Ai tog die Mansmense! ("Oh dear the Menfolk"). The title was probably inspired by that of the 1960 play Ai tog, die Vroumense ("Oh dear the womenfolk") by Joan Retief.

Performance history in South Africa

1953: Performed in English as Will Any Gentleman? in July, directed by Brian Brooke, starring English comedian George Bradford.

1965: Performed in English by Dramatic Society of East London.

(year unknown): Performed in Afrikaans as Ai tog die Mansmense! by B.A.T. Directed by Kristo Pienaar with Fanie Bekker, Johan Engelbrecht, Martin van Niekerk, Elsabé Pietersen, Amanda Muller, Trynie Ganzevoort, Tienie Botha, André Coetzee, Madeleine Viljoen, Rudie Nagelmaeker, Tobie van Eck, J.C. Weij and Barnsie Senekal. Décor by Martin van Niekerk, props by Johan Engelbrecht and stage management by Tobie van Eck, with Madeleine Viljoen and Elna Bruwer as prompts


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