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W.J.B. Pienaar (1894-19*) was an Afrikaans teacher, politician, reviewer, director, actor, playwright. (Also known as W.J. Pienaar).

As academic, linguist and cultural leader

For a while was a local teacher and active member and leading figure in the cultural life of Volksrust, Transvaal. *

He later obtained an MA from the University of Stellenbosch and completed a doctorate at Cambridge University with the thesis on English Influences in Dutch Literature and Justus Van Effen as Intermediary. An Account of Eighteenth Century Achievement (Published by Cambridge University Press, 1929)

As critic and reviewer

As playwright

Wrote Saul, a pageant-style Afrikaans drama in five acts about the Biblical character, with a large cast of 25 and including songs and dances. The plays was first performed to local acclaim in 1923 (as fundraiser for the local "Dingaan's day" festivities), with Pienaar in the role of "Samuel" and under the direction of R.G. van Tonder. (Repeated 1924, 1925.) The play was also performed in Krugersdorp, Pretoria and Johannesburg in 1925, having been polished by Paul de Groot. The text was published by ** in 1928.

Wrote Die Geheime Bloemfontein-Konferensie tussen President Kruger en Sir Alfred Milner 31 Mei-6 Junie 1899, a one act documentary play described as a "historical episode in two scenes, with a prologue (written by D.F. Malherbe) and an epilogue" ("historiese episode in twee tonele met voorspel en naspel"). Published in Bloemfontein by Nasionale Pers in 1938.

As an actor

Pienaar played "Samuel" in the first production of his play Saul, and under the direction of R.G. van Tonder, and later apparently went on tour with Paul de Groot, performing in ***

As a director

In 1940 he directed N.P. van Wyk Louw's 1939 play Hélène for K.A.T. in the Little Theatre, Cape Town.


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