W.H. Schröder

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William Howard Schroder (1851 - 1892) was South Africa's first full-time cartoonist and a prominent artist

He was also a pioneer of self-publishing in South Africa, publishing a weekly periodical called The Knobkerrie in the Cape Colony between 1884 and 1886. A number of plays, including Melt Brink's first play, were occasionally published in the periodical.

During his career he also did cartoons for The Zingari, The Lantern, Transvaal Truth, The Cape Argus, Het Volksblad and many others publications.

Two years after his death, a commemorative book entitled 'The Schroder Art Memento: A Volume of Pictorial Satire Depicting our Politics and Men for the Last Thirty Years, in Black and White, by South Africa's Only Artist'.