Voulez-vous Jouer avec Moâ?

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Voulez-vous Jouer avec Moâ? ("Would You Like to Play with Me?") is a theatrical piece by the French writer Marcel Achard (1899-1974) [1].

The original text

Marcel Achard's first play, this avant garde comedy about circus and its clowns was written in 1922 and first performed at the Théâtre de l'Atelier, Paris, on 18 December 1923, directed by Charles Dullin. It was unique in many ways, inter alia allowing for audience participation on stage with the clowns.

Published by Nouvelle Revue Française in 1924.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into Afrikaans, entitled Mag ek Saamspeel? ("May I play along?"), by Laurie van der Merwe

South African performances

1959: Produced in Afrikaans as Mag ek Saamspeel? by National Theatre Organisation in the NTO Kamertoneel. Directed by Tone Brulin with Richard Daneel ("Raskaas"), Piet Bezuidenhout ("Krokson"), Dale Swanepoel ("Auguste") and Emsie Botha ("Mademoiselle Isabelle").



Lantern, 9(2):193. Dec 1959.


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