Vleis, Rys en Aartappels

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An Afrikaans theatre company (2001).

Vleis, Rys en Aartappels is Afrikaans for "Meat, Rice and Potatoes", indicating the range and focus of the company's work; the “Meat” being mainstream productions, the “Rice” being smaller and more experimental works, and the “Potatoes” being community theatre projects.

Founding and early history

A highly influential theatrical production company based in Cape Town and Stellenbosch, founded in May 2001 by theatre directors Marthinus Basson and Jaco Bouwer and writer/producer Saartjie Botha. They staged their first production, Spanner by Saartjie Botha, at Aardklop in October 2001 and later that year Spanner and Aars! by Peter Velhelst at the Spier Summer Arts Festival. By 2008 they had done 56 productions and theatre projects.

Aims and function


When launched in 2001 the chief aim of the production house was to maintain a high standard of (predominantly) Afrikaans theatre in South Africa, as well to provide a vehicle which would create and promote particularly innovative and culturally and politically relevant theatre pieces.

Current status

Impact on SA theatre, film, media and/or performance


Between 2001 and 2009 it tackled up to over 60 productions and theatre projects. Company highlights include productions of Romeo + Julia by Peter Verhelst, Tom Lanoye’s Mamma Medea, Maria de Buenos Aires, Astor Piazzolla’s Tango Operita, Boks (2006), Altyd Jonker (2007), Smag (2008), Verkeer (2008), ‘n Ander Tongval (2008), Saad (2008), ‘n Langreis na die Nag (2008), Die Joseph and Mary Affair (2008).

A keystone production was Lang Dagreis na die Nag (André P. Brink’s translation of Eugene O'Neill’s Long Day's Journey into Night) featuring Marius Weyers, Antoinette Kellerman and Stian Bam, directed by Marthinus Basson.

Vleis, Rys en Aartappels Teater Feesmaal Baxter Theatre, 2008: ʼn Lang dagreis na die nag (Vleis, Rys & Aartappels, 2008), ʼn Ander Tongval (Vleis, Rys & Aartappels, 2008),. Boks (Vleis, Rys & Aartappels, 2008), Smag (Vleis, Rys & Aartappels, 2008),, Die Joseph & Mary Affair (Vleis, Rys & Aartappels, 2008), Saad (Vleis, Rys & Aartappels, 2008), Saad (Vleis, Rys & Aartappels, 2008), Verkeer (Vleis, Rys & Aartappels, 2008), Audrey (Vleis, Rys & Aartappels, 2008), - Other plays: Smag, Die Joseph & Mary Affair, Saad, Verkeer, Audrey, Boks, ‘n Ander Tongval, ‘n Lang Dagreis na die Nag


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