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Meaning "nurse", this isiZulu word is found in the titles for two very different theatrical events:

Umongikazi: a Zulu performance event

See Peter Larlham, 1984.

Umongikazi: a play by Maishe Maponya

More generally found as Umongikazi: The Nurse, this is a highly politicized play about the racism and incompetence in hospitals and makes a call for unionisation.

Published in Doing Plays for Change: Five Works (Edited by Ian Steadman, 1995), Four Plays by Zakes Mda and Black South African Women: An Anthology of Plays by Wits University Press.

1983: First performed at the Market Theatre by the Bahumutsi Players, directed by Maishe Maponya with Gcina Mhlope.

1983: Toured Britain and Germany in the same year.

Produced at the Market Theatre, date unknown. (NELM catalogue: [Collection: MARKET THEATRE]: 2007. 32. 9. 223).

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