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Uga Carlini (19**-19**) is an actress, scriptwriter,film director and producer.


Born Lisa Uga Carlini in Gauteng, she studied for a drama degree at Stellenbosch University (specializing in acting and film-making), she Uga returned to South Africa to become involved in the South African film industry. Married and living in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, she has a son Roka.


Having worked in film in the United Kingdom, Australia and Fiji - where she compiled and pioneered the acting, screenwriting and filmmaking syllabus for the National University of Fiji, she returned to South Africa, doing various jobs, including scriptwriting and producing, for a range of companies such as Zyron Pictures and Waterfront Productions. In 2010 she founded and became the CEO of the film company Towerkop Creations, a film company that specializes in female driven heroine stories.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Television work included work for Zyron Pictures, doing the research and production support tasks for the series Sewe Sakke Sout ("seven bags of salt") and the treatment and preproduction research for Celeb Se Kind.

Her films include a short film, Good Planets Are Hard To Find (also known as From Meton with Love, 2012) and the full-length hybrid feature Alison (2016), which had its international premiere at the Dances with Films Festival in Los Angeles.,

Awards, etc

Uga is the first filmmaker and Towerkop the first South African company to be inducted as a member of the South African / American Business Chamber.

Alison was selected "pick of the fest" from Enclave LA and Best Documentary at the Asia Pacific International Film Festival.

See also the Who's Who in Southern Africa website[1] for more on her awards.


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