Two Years In Paris

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Two Years In Paris is a short one act farce written by Lieutenant R. Annesley (fl. 1860s)

The original text

Said to be a new farce specially written and put on for the theatrical company of the North Lincolnshire Regiment of Foot by Lieutenant Annesley in 1861/2. It may possibly be a burlesque of (a scene from) Samuel Foote's 1753 two act comedy The Englishman in Paris.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1862: Performed in the Garrison Theatre in Grahamstown by the Officers of the Regiment (North Lincolnshire Regiment of Foot) during a repeat of their programme of 28 December 1861, which featured the one act plays Dying for Love (J.M. Morton), The Lucky Hit (Stirling) and The Eton Boy (E. Morton). The cast of Annesley's new play included Lietenant R. Annesley (Mr Octavius Slink), Sergeant J. Lydon (Mr Triptolemus Smith), R. Johnson Esq. (Pat), Corporal J. Davies (Selina Diana). (For more on contemporary responses to the performances, see the entry on the North Lincolnshire Regiment of Foot)


North Lincoln Sphinx Vol 1, No 10. Christmas Supplement, 1861.

North Lincoln Sphinx Vol 1, No 11. January 28, 1862.

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