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Tsepo wa Mamatu (1980-) is an academic, drama lecturer, playwright, actor and director and visual artist.


He studied drama at thew University of the Witwatersrand, obtaining a BA (Dramatic Art) in 2003, and a MA in African Literature and Film in 2007, with a thesis which critiqued the work of of filmmaker Leon Schuster, based on race and critical theory.


He was a lecturer in the University of the Witwatersrand Drama Department for many years, later becoming a senior lecturer, and at one time deputy head. In 2013 however, he was expelled on account of numerous accusations of sexual misconduct brought by students, accusations he admitted to a year later on Twitter. This scandal led to his work being rejected for performance by the inaugural Cape Town Fringe Festival, and the National Arts Festival in 2014 - and a national discussion of the role of the artist, artistic integrity, and the intricacies of censorship.

His contribution as playwright

Author of 100% Zulu Boy, Stompie , Relativity and By My Grave (2014).

His play Thabo Mbeki and other nitemares is published in Against the Tide, edited by Allan Kolski Horwitz, 2013.


He was the 2009 Johannesburg Repertory Fellow


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