Township Life

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A theatre group founded by Willie Adams and Leonard Koza in 1973. They based it in the Bishop Lavis/Matroosfontein area, aiming to get people politically and culturally motivated through the presentation of sketches and plays. They primarily did work written by Adams and Koza, and had their most active time in 1976 when they had productions running almost every week. Then it slacked off and the group became dormant. In 1980-81 it briefly resurfaced as Township Players, then fell into dormancy once more. Among the works they presented were Episodes, Die Hawkers, Hypocrites, Die Erfstuk and Drie Ouroekers (all by Adams) and Township-kleigoed, Distrik Ses, Township Worries, Thoko en Bonsi and Thandiwe (by Koza). (See Smith, 1990, January, 1997)


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