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Die Toneelbond ("The Theatre Alliance")

A confederation of Afrikaans (professional) theatre companies, under the auspices of the Federasie van Afrikaanse Kultuurvereniginge (F.A.K. = "Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Organisations"). It originated from a meeting of the leaders of the main Afrikaans professional companies, organised by the F.A.K. in Johannesburg on 12 and 13 December 1936 to discuss the fragmentation of the theatre industry in the country at the time. The original executive committee consisted of Hendrik Hanekom, André Huguenet and Wena Naude, and the idea was that preformances would be sponsored and supported by the F.A.K., which would also select the plays to be performed.

Die Toneelburo (The Theatre Bureau")

To this end the F.A.K. created a Toneelburo ("theatre bureau") in September 1937 to select plays and undertake arrangements for tours. The Toneelburo consisted of the three executive members (as advisors) plus a panel of experts (H. van der Merwe Scholtz, Anna Neethling-Pohl and Marguerite Murray). Unfortunately this project never really got going, apparently because of lack of financial backing. (See also F.A.K.) (See Binge, 1969)


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