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Tightrope walking[1] (English) (Koorddans[2] in Dutch and in Afrikaans) is the well-known art of walking along a taught, thin wire or rope (i.e. a tight rope). An awe inspiring acrobatic skill, it has a long tradition in many countries and is commonly associated with the circus, music hall and vaudeville.

Also referred to by its Latin name as Funambulism[3].

It is also a venerable form of extreme adventurism, with walkers attempting epic walks between high buildings, across the Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, up the Eiffel Tower, etc.

The Dutch and Afrikaans term is koorddans and literally translated means "rope dancing", and a koorddanser is thus a tightrope walker, -performer or -dancer, i.e. a "funambulist".

Related to it are the activities referred to as slackrope walking, or slacklining[4].

See also Slack Rope


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