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The list: Internet Sources on Theatre, Film, Media and Performance: T

The Taadaa Website

A bilingual Afrikaans and English website dedicated to the South African arts, including music, drama, dance or fine arts. Founded in 2014 by Kosie Smit (Founder and Business Manager) with Johan Myburg (Content Editor) and Johan Hendriksz (Web Administrator).

Teaterargief @teaterargief

Teaterargief ("theatre archive") is a Facebook page created by Wim Vorster, to provide a South African theatre history in pictures.


Theatre Database

An online database on playwrights and plays.

A useful website providing detail information and lists of plays about international theatre


The Theatre SA website

Derived from, which has What's on, Directory, Birthdays, Profiles and more about the Theatre Industry in South Africa.

The Theatre Lighting Archive website


A site about the people who laid the foundations for theatre lighting design in South Africa. The primary focus is video interviews with the various individuals.

Theatre Lives video archives

This is a extremely valuable video archive launched on 20 August 2017, housed on the website

An initiative funded by The Cape Town Theatre Trust and led by Peter Bode (research and interviews) and Lillias Bode (production and editing) , with Website design by Nudge Studio and Amilcar De Carvalho (

The primary purpose of the archive is to record and preserve video interviews with theatre practitioners who have shaped South African theatre in the past five decades. The disciplines included are drama, music and dance. The criteria are that each person interviewed must be over 60 years old and must have given a lifetime to the theatre. These interviews are not censored and have not been edited down.

The first phase of 32 interviews was recorded in 2016/17.


Théâ is an open access internet site devoted to French theatre in general.

The site, written in French, hosts 1674 published works which are made available online in PDF format, and cover the period from the 17th to 21st centuries. Biographies of the French authors are also available.

Website address:

Theatres in Early Johannesburg

See "Johannesburg 1912 – Suburb by suburb research" by Marc Latilla.


A blog by Marc Latilla providing images and information of theatre and theatres in Johannesburg in the early days. The larger blog contains much other information and commentary as well, inter alia about arts and entertainment in Johannesburg.


Theatricalia is a website started and is run by Matthew Somerville to serve as a repository for, and a database of, past and future theatre productions on the internet.

The website address is:

Trove search engine

Trove is a project launched by the National Library of Australia in August 2008 as an open access search engine to help researchers find and use resources relating to Australia. It's is actually described as being "more than a search engine, for it brings together content from libraries, museums, archives, repositories and other research and collecting organisations big and small".

The website gives one access to much useful information on theatrical matters relevant to South African theatrical history, particularly travelling companies and the works performed during the 19th and early 20th centuries.


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