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Theatre Action Group (TAG was a Western Cape cultural initiative.

A co-ordinating body and cultural organisation formed in 1990, it drew together a broad spectrum of people involved in not only protest and community theatre, but also CAPAB and the drama departments of the universities of Stellenbosch and Cape Town.

Major forces in TAG were : Mike van Graan (former director of the Community Arts Project), Johan Esterhuizen, Mavis Taylor, Gay Morris, Bo Petersen and CAP's Janis Merand.

TAG orgnised a mini-festival to coincide with their first seminar in 1991, and the work performed included The Time is Now by Gladys Thomas, a localized adaptation of Waiting for Lefty (Odetts).


Weekly Mail, 1-7 February 1991.

The Star, 8 October 1991.

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