The Wild Party

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The Wild Party is a one-acter constructed around a poem by Joseph Moncure March written in 1928, reworked by March in 1968 to avoid giving offence. The play, reworked for the theatre by Julia Smith, follows the original text.

Played by the British troupe The Mouse People, masters of mimicry and intricate choreography were very successful at the 1998 Edinburgh Festival with their exuberant tale of hedonistic partying. A tantalising tale of blues, blood and bath-tub gin.

Translations and adaptations

Musical [1].

Performance history in South Africa

Directed by Julia Smith with South African born, RADA trained Warren Kimmel and Marcia Carr. Laager and Nico Arena, 1999.


The Citizen, 3 June 1999.

Nico Malan Theatre Centre pamphlet.

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