The Refrigerators

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The Refrigerators is a play by Italian/American playwright Mario Fratti (born 1927) [1], [2]. Penny, charming heiress to a huge fortune, lives in a bizarre house surrounded by mysterious, untouchable refrigerators allegedly family heirlooms but actually refrigerated coffins. Penny tries convincing her servant Nicola, an amorous Italian, that her sister Inez is an identical twin. Nicola, suspicious and frightened, discovers that Inez is actually a male scientist and Penny's lover. In the night he experiments with half thawed beauties in the refrigerators. Nicola calls in a short sighted police inspector and there's a fast, funny, unpredictable ending in the hilarious farce tradition.

Published by Samuel French, 1977. 4 Male, 3 Female

Performance history in South Africa

Presented by the University of Stellenbosch Drama Department at the Grahamstown Festival, 1998, directed by Gaerin Hauptfleisch.

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