The Prince and the Sphinx

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The Prince and the Sphinx is a musical by David Nissen

The original text

A musical, based on an old Egyptian legend, written by David Nissen for Captour, as part of the Cape Town Festival, South Africa.

South African performances

1987: Performed nightly on the steps of the Old Town House, Greenmarket Square, from 28 March to 6 April, as part of the Cape Town Festival. Directed by David Nissen, with David Nissen (Prince Menkhepure), Victoria Bawcombe (Tamery), Adrian Bekker (Pharaoh and the Prince's older brother), David Dennis (High Priest ) and John Caviggia (The Narrator). Musicians included Murray Anderson, Gary Munroe and Lloyd Martin.


A video filmed was taken of the production over four nights by Wendy Bekker and edited by Adrian Bekker. This is available on Youtube[1].

Full CV supplied by David Nissen (July 2015)