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Twist Theatre Development Projects is a networking project based in Durban.

The history and

Founded by Roel Twijnstra in Durban to facilitate and promote the development of community theatre in KwaZulu-Natal by creating sustainable relationships and networks for theatre development, both locally and abroad.

The project pairs established community theatre groups from various regions of the province with local institutions such as theatre organisations, the drama departments of theatre schools, theatre festivals, mentors and experienced theatre practitioners.

Ten projects are undertaken annually and include festivals such as the Isigcawu Community Theatre Festival, writing workshops, directing and performing projects, and international exchanges.

The New Production Project

In 2010 the Twist project published a collection called New South African Playscripts, a volume of six works developed as part of what is known as The New Production Project, in which various community theatre groups work at developing ideas through improvisation with selected professional writers and directors, who then wrote up the final product for production by the designated director.


The project managed by Emma Durden


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