Les Filles de Marbre

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Les Filles de Marbre ("The young women of marble") is a drama in five acts with songs by Lambert-Thiboust (1827-1867)[1]and Théodore Barrière (1823-1877)[2].

The original text

First performed at the Théâtre du Vaudeville, Paris, on 17 May, 1853. The text published in Paris by Michel Lévy Fréres in 1853.

Translations and adaptations

Translated and adapted as an English play in five acts called The Marble Heart, or The Sculptor's Dream by Charles Selby. Referred to as "A Romance of Real Life : in Five Chapters", Published by 1854. Also by Samuel French & Son, 1883. The English title also found simply as The Marble Heart.

Translated into Dutch as Vrouwen Zonder Hart ("Women without hearts") by G. van Beek in 1866.

Performance history in South Africa

1875: Performed in English as The Marble Heart, or The Sculptor's Dream in the Bijou Theatre, Cape Town, by Disney Roebuck's company on 4 March, with The Bonnie Fishwife (Selby).

1876: Performed as The Marble Heart by the Disney Roebuck company in the Athenaeum Hall, Cape Town, on 24 July, with The Captain's not a Miss (Wilks).


Facsimile version of the original French edition of 1853, Google E-Book[3]





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