The Kickapoos

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The Kickapoos were a dance troupe active in Cape Town circa the 1870s.

Also referred to as The Grotesques later.

The Kickapoos

The group was apparently founded by, and consisted of, Mr Wilmore, Mr Leonard and Mr Pine, who performed in productions in Cape Town.

For instance, they are first mentioned by Bosman (1980) for their appearance in a production of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves by the Disney Roebuck company at the Theatre Royal, Cape Town, on 18 February 1878, performing A Grand Demon Ballet ZigZag (repeated 18 to 21 March). They also performed as interlude to a number of performances of other plays in that year, including William Tell, The Lyons Mail, Adrift.

Among their acts appear to have been a "dance on the High Pedestal",

The Grotesques

Having been renamed The Grotesques, the company performed for Disney Roebuck in the Theatre Royal a number of times during June 1878, as accompaniment to plays such as British Born, The Daughter of the Regiment, The Two Orphans, etc.


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