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Le Grand Cérémonial ("The Grand Ceremonial") is a French play by Fernando Arrabal (1932-) [1].

Also found as El Gran Ceremonial in Spanish and The Grand Ceremonial in English.

The original text

Performed in Paris at the Théâtre des Mathurins, opening on 15 March, 1966, directed by Georges Vitaly (1917-2007)[].

Published in French with Cérémonie pour un Noir Assassiné and other plays in Fernado Arrabal Théâtre III by Julliard, Paris (and again in Volume 3 of Théâtre, Fernando Arrabal by C. Bourgois in 1968.)

Translations and adaptations

Translated into English from the French as The Grand Ceremonial by Barbara Wright and published in the collection Plays. Fernando Arrabal by Calder & Boyars in 1967.

Translated into English as The Grand Ceremonial by Jean Benedetti and published by Calder and Boyars, London, 1970.

Filmed in French as Le Grand Ceremonial[2] in 1969, directed by Pierre-Alain Jolivet, and released in English as Weird Weirdo (1969)

Performance history in South Africa

1984: Performed on the National Arts Festival Fringe, starring Lindsay Reardon, Reza de Wet, Denys Webb, Di Dodds.

1991: Lindsay Reardon directed another production that was presented at the National Arts Festival Fringe, starring himself, Diane de Marigny, Zane Hannan and Cal Volks.


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National Arts Festival programmes, 1984 and 1991.

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