The Firstborn

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The Firstborn, a play completed in 1946 by English poet and playwright Christopher Fry [1] (1907-2005).

The original text

Broadcast as a radio play by the BBC in 1947, first staged in 1948.

Performance history in South Africa

1953: Presented by the Little Theatre Players at the Little Theatre in April 1953. Directed by Leonard Schach, with David Beattie, Joyce Bradley, Robert Del Kyrke and Arnold Pearce. Decor by Cecil Pym.

1953-1954: Produced by National Theatre Organisation and taken on a national tour, directed by Leonard Schach, with David Beattie, Joyce Bradley (Miriam), Lorna Cowell (Anath), Leon Gluckman (Moses), Harry Mann (Keff), Arnold Pearce (Farao), Rex Robinson (Shendi), Pat Prior (Teusret) and Peter Zander (Aäron). Decor by Jan van der Pauw and costumes by Doreen Graves.

1955: Presented by the Peninsula Dramatic Society on 23 March.

Translations and adaptations


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