The Devil's Disciple

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The Devil's Disciple [1] is an 1897 play by George Bernard Shaw. Set in Colonial America during the Revolutionary era, the play tells the story of Richard Dudgeon, a local outcast and self-proclaimed "Devil's disciple". In a twist characteristic of Shaw's love of paradox, Dudgeon sacrifices himself in a Christ-like gesture despite his professed Infernal allegiance. (Wikipedia)

The original text

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1970: Opening on 23 April in the Alhambra Theatre in Durban, it was staged by NAPAC, directed by Kerry Jordan, featuring Michael Atkinson (Richard Dudgeon), Joan Williams (Mrs Dudgeon), Audrey Harding (Essie), David Matheson (Christy), Angus Neill (Rev. Anderson), Anne Ridler (Judith), Phillip Boucher (Lawyer Hawkins), David Dunstone (Uncle William), Muriel Jackson (Mrs William Dudgeon), Tug Wilson (Uncle Titus), Janet Lindsay (Mrs Titus), Reg Richards (Sergeant), James Irwin (Maj Swindon), Daniel Thorndike (Genl Burgoyne), Alan Prior (Chaplain Brudenell), David Abbott (Executioner) and others. Settings by Chris van den Berg and costumes by Lucille Cross.


NAPAC theatre programme, 1970.

Petru & Carel Trichardt theatre programme collection.

Wikipedia [2]

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