The Birthday

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This title has been used a number of times for English plays.

The Birth Day orThe Birth-day by John O'Keeffe (1783)

The full title is The Birthday, or the Prince of Arragon, described as "A dramatick piece with songs in two acts [and in prose]", and was a special piece performed to celebrate the twenty-first birthday of the prince of Wales.

First performed in London at the Theatre-Royal Haymarket in 1783.

See further The Birthday, or the Prince of Arragon

The Birthday by August von Kotzebue (1798)

An English translation of Die Versöhnung ("The Reconciliation"), a 1798 German play in five acts by August von Kotzebue (1761 – 1819), performed in Bath 1799.

See Bruderzwist, oder, Die Versöhnung

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