The Bathroom Door

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The Bathroom Dooris a comedy by British writer Gertrude E. Jennings (1877-1958) [ ]. A prima donna, a young man, an old man, an old lady, and a young lady are all trying to get into a bathroom in a hotel. The door will not open, and at last the prima donna declares that her husband with whom she has had a quarrel must have locked himself in the bathroom and done away with himself.

The original text

Published by Samuel French

Performance history in South Africa

1929: Presented by the Dramatic Section of the Jewish Guild (Johannesburg), produced by Edith Nathan in 1929, with Harry Kahn and Gertrude Wade, Rita Kahn, Lily Lakofski, Stanley van Flymen, Vera Patlansky.


Footlights, 1(6):18, 1929.

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