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In Ticket of Leave Man, the entry for 1892 is all mixed up, see February 1901 for comparison. The inputter has mixed up the actor's names with the stage names so it's unclear who is who. Also, the names are misspelled.

1892: Performed as The Ticket-of-Leave Man in the Vaudeville Theatre, Cape Town, by the Chambers Theatre Company, opening on 26 December. The cast consisted of Emma Chambers, Arthur Gilmore, Robert Brierly, James Dalton, Heinrich Varna, Mr Hawshaw, J.A. Rosier, Melter Ross, Albert Harsh, Mr Gibson, H.W. Sillaw, Sam Willougby, May Edwards, Vivienne Vincent, Mrs Willoughby and Joseph Ashman.

February 1901: The Ticket-of-Leave Man was staged in the Port Elizabeth Opera House, by the Joseph Ashman Company. Starring Joseph Ashman, (Robert Brierley), Fred Bartlett (James Dalton), Hugh Ardale, (Hawkshaw), W H Thorn, (Melter Moss), Miss Dora Nazeby, (Mary Edwards), Miss Daisy Hese, (Mrs Willoughby), Miss Mary Brammer, (lady).