T.N. Maumela

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Titus Ntsiene Maumela (born 1924). Playwright, novelist, short story-writer.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Author of the Tshivenda plays Tshililo (1957, the first published play in the language), A hu bebiwi mbilu (1974), twelve Venda one-act plays in the collection Edzani (“Attempts” - 1985). These plays tend to revolve around conflicts caused by corruption, in the police force and education, by a chief, etc. Maumela tends not to simplify characters as heroes or villains). A second volume of ten once-act plays appeared as Tomolambilu (“Pull out the heart” – 1989). This volume tends toward didactic work for schools and themes include "crime does not pay, 'look before you leap', 'believe in what you see not hear'. Language is colloquial and conversational.

Other dramas include Vhuhosi a vhu thetshelwi ("From a high position to a low position", 1974) and Lufu lwa Thivhulawi ("The death of Thivulawi", 1997).

Awards, etc.

He was one of the winners of a SA Literary Award in 2005.


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