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Springbok can refer to a magazine, newspaper or to a stage play.

Springbok, the newspaper

Not to be confused with The Springbok, a quarterly is published for the benefit of Members of the South African Collectors Society since 1947 or with the Flying Springbok, the in-flight magazine of South African Airlines. [1]

Springbok is the name of the official, bi-lingual, weekly, newspaper especially printed for the South African Forces serving abroad during World War 2. It was printed in the "Central" Mediterranean by DP and SS, UDF, from matrices composed by Societe Orientale de Publicite (printer) for the Union Defence Forces Department of Printing and Stationery Services in Cairo, Egypt, between October 23, 1941 and December 27, 1945. There were 219 editions printed.

Springbok by Michael Picardie

The original text

First performed by the Sherman Arena Company, Cardiff in 1979/1980, directed by John Lindstrum, with Michael Picardie in the cast.


Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa


E-mail from Michael Picardie to Temple Hauptfleisch, Monday 2015/07/06 10:46 PM.

The Michael Picardie website at http://michaelpicardie.co.uk/main.php.

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