South African Season at Jermyn Street Theatre

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To celebrate 20 years of the Rainbow Nation in 2014, the Jermyn Street Theatre in London offered a five week South African Season featuring a number of short plays, new and revived works from South African authors, as well as a series of workshops, special events and discussions. This was complemented throughout by workshops of new writing and individual performances from Jack Klaff, Doreen Mantle and Janet Suzman.

The plays performed were Fever by Reza de Wet, Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act by Athol Fugard and District 6 Our Buckingham Palace (Richard Rive/Basil Appolis and Sylvia Vollenhoven)

The programme also included a full production of a newly commissioned play by Jack Klaff. South African Season at Jermyn Street Theatre, Published: 02 May 2014[1]