Soldiers in the City

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Soldiers in the City is a stage musical by Themi Venturas, Iain Robinson, Lucky Cele and the cast.

The original text

Created in workshop fashion for performance by The Young Performers Project, with a script outline was written by Venturas, Robinson and Cele, and finalised with the help of the full cast. The piece examines the overt culture of the new generation (which includes rhyming, beat-box, urban dance, music and public artwork like graffiti), with a central plot telling of two best friends, both excellent poets, who compete in an underground slam poetry challenge, and come to realise that words can be sharper, and more dangerous, than swords, and forgiveness and loyalty is more valuable than glory.

The production team for included Themi Venturas (director), Iain Robinson (creative consultant) Daisy Spencer (choreographer), Des Govender (vocal coach), and Dawn Selby (musical director).

2015: Performed by The Young Performers Project in the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre from 3 to 12 July, for a short season of 12 performances.