So is ek gebek

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[Lit: "That is how my mouth is", i.e. "that is how I speak"]. The generic name for a series of immensely popular satrical prose and verse programmes utilizing Afrikaans writing in all the dialects and forms available in the new South Africa. The original programme was commissioned for the first Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees to be held at at Oudtshoorn in 199*, but also toured parts of the Stellenbosch and Cape Town region. Compiled by Juanita Swanepoel and Daniel Hugo and directed by Swanepoel, who alsocompiled and directed the next ?3, slightly varying the theme and subtitle (e.g. So is my tafel gedek ("This is how my table is laid" in 199*). In 199* Marie Kruger took over as compiler/director of the programme. In 2000 the Oudtshoorn Festival decided not to commission any more student programmes, but the department continued producing the work and taking it to the festival. Compiler diector Abduragman Adams changed the name to Skrêmbuild Eggs vir Nasiebrou [lit something like "Scram-build eggs for nation cooking"] for 2000-2001, and in 2002 Mareli Hattingh called it *****

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