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Skollie (plural skollies) is an Afrikaans term of abuse for layabouts, criminals and gangsters.

The word "skollie": Origins and meaning

Similar in meaning to the word tsotsi (found in South African townships and general usage), the Afrikaans term was really coined by the white and so-called coloured Afrikaans-speaking community and was often used as a term of abuse for black and coloured individuals, and by extension also for lazy, ne'er do well whites.

The term was later adopted by English-speaking South Africans as well.

"Skollies" in literature, theatre and film

The term occurs in many plays, novels and films, also used as the name for a criminal character, a quintessential example being the much loved jailbird character called "Skollie" (played by George Ballot) in the ground-breaking TV series Vyfster (1982).

Skollie the film (1984)

Skollie[1] (1984) is an Afrikaans film written by Hennie Human and directed by Ivan Hall. It was the first film spin-off from the 1982-4 TV series Vyfster and focused on the key character from the series, portrayed by George Ballot.

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Skollies the stage play (2010).

Skollies comedy first performed at the 2010 Aardklop, directed by Kruger, with Stian Bam and Brendon Daniels.

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Noem My Skollie the film (2015)

A film written by John Fredericks and John W. Fredericks, directed by Daryne Joshua.

Based on the true life story of a young man who becomes a storyteller in jail.

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