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by Barrie Hough. a youth novel adapted for the stage by Myrtle Kreuiter and renamed: Die Bagasie van Anna Meyer. One-act. Cast: mixed.

Another version by Barrie Hough and Lizz Meiring. Full-length. Cast: mixed. Performed at the KKNK 2000, directed by Lizz Meiring with Karen Wessels, Harald Richter, Heidi Mollentze, Daniël de Lange, Doctor Mmamphuthi Khasu and Francois Henning. (KKNK programme, 2000).

A filmed version was produced and directed for M-Net in 2003/2004 by André Odendaal and Roberta Durrant starring Sandra Prinsloo. (Die Burger 3 October 2003).

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