Simon Beyers

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Simon Beyers was the second full-length Afrikaans film to be produced in South Africa and the first from the studios of the Afrikaans film company, Suid Afrikaanse Rolprent Maatskappy. It was shown for the first time in 1947.


Simon Beyers is founded on an actual incident, taken from the days of Simon van der Stel, when 50 orphan girls were sent from Holland as wives for his burgers. Starring Pikkie Uys as "One of the girls". She is shy, clumsy and stricken with scurvy, and was destined to marry a wealthy burger, Simon Beyers, played by Pierre de Wet. Eugenie Heyns stars as Pikkies' character's young sister and Gert van den Bergh stars as Simon's brother. The film is the story of these four charcters.


Saturday Post, September 6, 1947.

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