Short Plays from Twelve Countries

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Short Plays from Twelve Countries selected and edited by Winifred Katzin (1894-1994). A number of the plays also translated by Katzin.

Published by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd, London, in 1937.


  1. China: The sorrows of Han.
  2. Japan: Benkel on the bridge, by Hiyoshi Yasukiyo.
  3. England: High life below stairs, by David Garrick.
  4. Turkey: The Vezir of Lankuran, by Fath'All.
  5. Russia: Diamond cuts diamond, by Nikolai Gogol.
  6. Poland: Vaclav, the bandit, by Tadeusz Przeworsky.
  7. Rumania: The Jews of Hodos, by Sandor Martinescu.
  8. Austria: Christmas to Bolzano, 1935, by Emmerich Baur.
  9. Germany: The broken pitcher, after Heinrich von Kleist.
  10. France: The hands of Hardouin, by Jean Sartene.
  11. South Africa: In the drought, by J. du Plessis.
  12. Canada: "I love you," by Louvigny de Montigny.

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