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Sgt J. Corbishley (17**-18*) was a British officer and amateur actor. Also referred to as Sgt Corbishley, Serjt. Corbishley or as J. Corbishley.

His contribution to South African theatre

An active member of the Garrison Amateur Players, he is mentioned as appearing in the following productions, though one assumes he must have been a regular for the company in the period 1823-1826, particularly given the frequent benefit performances he received:

1824: On 4 and 22 September he appeared as "Father Primitive and " Marchmont" respectively in Life, A Comedy (Reynolds) and The Irish Tutor (Glengall), African Theatre; possibly also in A Cure for the Heart Ache (Morton) and Love, Law and Physic (Kenney), which were announced for the last night of the season on 30 November, "as a benefit for J. Corbishley", though the performances were "unavoidably postponed" and according to F.C.L. Bosman (1928, p 187) no records appear to show whether they did actually occur or not.

1825: On 1 October he appeared as "Swipes" in Exchange No Robbery, or The Diamond Ring (Hooke) and "The General" in The Midnight Hour (Dumaniant/Inchbald), African Theatre,; and on 5 November, a benefit performance was held for "J. Corbishley" and Mrs Black of The Review, or The Wags of Windsor and X.Y.Z. (both by Colman Jr).

1826: On 16 August he appeared as "Lord Duberly" in The Heir at Law (Colman Jr) and "Doctor Camphor" in Love, Law and Physic (Kenney), African Theatre, . On 4 November 1826 a benefit performance was held for "Sgt Corbishley" and "Mrs O'Brien" of Catherine and Petruchio (Shakespeare) and A Roland for an Oliver (Morton).


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