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Die Sestigers [Lit: The Sixties people – i.e the generation or movement of the Sixties] So named by ***, it signified a group of young Afrikaans writers who had studied abroad, were strongly influenced by continental writing and existentialism, and were seeking to change the nature and content of Afrikaans writing, by breaking with the past. The leading figures were Jan Rabie, Etienne Leroux, André P. Brink, Chris Barnard and Bartho Smit, with the support of certain older writers and publishers, including venerated poet and dramatist N.P. van Wyk Louw. The catalyst publication was a collection of stories by Jan Rabie entitled “21”, while the controversy surrounding the movement found its most prominent example in the furore that raged around the publication and critical reception of Etienne Leroux’s Sewe Dae by die Silbersteins (“Seven Days with the Silbersteins” - 196*). They published a journal Die Sestiger**?? (196*-196*)??? The members of this movement and their work were to impact heavily on the future development of Afrikaans literature and theatre, and the relationship of the artisit and the state in South Africa. The movement gradually dissipated as the members drifted into mainstream writing and production.


(See: Kannemeyer, etc)

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