Schutte Commission

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The popular name for the '''Commission of Enquiry into the Creative Arts (1981), a commission led by former actor and director of the SABC, Jan Schutte.

(Offically known as The Commission of Inquiry into the Creative Arts in South Africa) Called into being by the Minister of National Education, F.W. de Klerk in 1981 and chaired by Dr Jan Schutte, the then retiring Director General of the SABC. This commission was to reconsider the entire arts infrastructure in South Africa – both from a state and a public side, linking up its findings with those of the Niemand Commission of Inquiry into the Performing Arts, published in 1977. The Schutte Commission gathered evidence widely and even commissiomed specific studies on the state of the arts from the Human Sciences Research Council. The final report was published by the Government in 1984 and led to a white paper on the arts tabled in parliament and accepted in in 1986.

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