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The South African Theatre Journal is an influential academic journal devoted to interdisciplinary theatre and performance studies, with a special emphasis on Southern Africa.

Best known by its widely used acronym SATJ (also written Satj).


Founded in 1987 by Temple Hauptfleisch and Ian Steadman, who edited and published it jointly till 1997, when Steadman resigned due to pressure of other commitments. From 1998 edited by Hauptfleisch, with Yvette Hutchison and Edwin Hees as Assistant Editors. In 2008 Petrus du Preez became an Assistant Editor, and in 2010 he became Co-editor with Hauptfleisch. In July 2015 Temple Hauptfleisch stepped down to concentrate on the ESAT online encyclopaedia, and Petrus du Preez took over as sole Editor.

Over the years a number of technical editors assited the editors with the production side of the journal, notably Keith Bain, Petrus du Preez, Yvette Hutchison, Miemie Neethling and Eunice Reynecke.

The journal initially appeared in two issues a year (between 1987 to 1997), later as a single annual volume (1998-2010). From 2011 onwards the journal expanded to publish three smaller issues per year under the Routledge imprint.

Originally the administration handled by the Centre for South African Theatre Research (CESAT)at the Human Sciences Research Council, since 1988 by the University of Stellenbosch Drama Department and since 1995 by the Centre for Theatre and Performance Studies (CENTAPS) in the same department, with Karina Hauptfleisch as Subscriptions manager. In 2011 production and sales of the journal was taken over by Taylor and Francis Publishers under their Routledge imprint (UK).

The journal was an accredited by the Department of Education from its very inception and is indexed in a range of international listings.

In the first 24 volumes (1987-2010) it has published 288 articles, 96 reports, 112 reviews and 11 playtexts. The advent of the internet and electronic publishing have also affected the journal, and electronic distribution of SATJ through SABINET and EBSCO has clearly increased readership and the international profile of the journal in the last ten years.

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Temple Hauptfleisch. 2011. SATJ: The first 25 years, Editorial, South African Theatre Journal, Volume 25 Number 1, March 2011.

For current and past issues and subscriptions, the Taylor and Francis website:

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