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After they had moved into their new building in 198*, all the arts materials (on theatre, literature, music and visual arts), held by the arts research centres (CESAT, CENSAL, etc), were moved into the state-of-the-art archival space. The archives was subsequently called the South African Centre for Information on the Arts (SACIA), while the individual research centres were gradually disbanded. (CESAT closed down in 1989). In 1991 the HSRC decided to move all the archival materials in the SACIA collection on to the National Film and Video Archives in Pretoria.

This was a controversial move, which was hotly debated, especially in the Afrikaans press. The HSRC justified this move by alleging that SACIA would be more accessible to researchers in the National Archives, since SACIA had a low frequency of use which the HSRC could not accommodate in times of socio-political and economic change.


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