Só Moes die Liefde Ly

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Só Moes die Liefde Ly ("Thus Love had to suffer") is an Afrikaans Passion Play by Charles Fryer.

The original text

Written in 1988 at the request of Marina Rauch and the parish of the NG Kerk Panorama, near Cape Town, to be performed during Easter under the stars in Tygerberg.

In 1989, Fryer expanded the short text to a full-length work, which was then used for a biennial performance in the Cango Caves[1] near Oudtshoorn, reviving a practice that had originally been instituted in the 1960s, but discontinued in 1964. The text would constantly be evolving over the years and the cast increasing, with audiences drawn from across the globe.


1991: First performed in the Van Zyl Hall in the Cango Caves[2], directed by .

Thereafter performed every second year during the 1990s.

See also Passion Play




Erika Terblanche: Charles Fryer (1946-2014), LitNet Skrywersalbum [3]

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