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Rosalind is a play by Scottish playwright James M. Barrie [1] (1860-1937).

An aging actress, Beatrice, renowned for her portrayal of Rosalind in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Calling herself “Mrs. Page,” she has come to a vacation cottage by the sea, far from London, to relax and revel, secretly, in her middle-agedness. She hides her identity, only to reveal it to a young admirer and the short play continues to a charming conclusion.

Performance history in South Africa

1929: Presented in South Africa by the Johannesburg Repertory Players (The REPS) in 1929, with Muriel Alexander in the name role, also with Carol Levitas and Campbell Singer.

1943: The play was the Johannesburg Repertory Society's entry for the 1943 F.A.T.S.A. Play Festival, featuring Jessie Bryant.


Footlights, 1(4):10, 1929.

Trek, 8(7):20, 1943.

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