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Roepman (''The Knocker-up'') is an Afrikaans novel originally written by Jan van Tonder, which was adapted for screen in 2011 by Piet de Jager, Sallas de Jager, and Jan van Tonder. The film was directed by Paul Eilers.

The original text

This bildungsroman is a coming-of-age story about 11-year-old Timus Rademan who lives in a close-knit railway community during the 1960s.


Roepman was adapted for screen by Paul Eilers in 2011.

The film adaptation stars Paul Loots (Timus Rademan), John-Henry Opperman (Joon), Beáte Opperman (Rykie Rademan), and Deon Lotz (Mr Abraham Rademan).


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