Rob Roy, The Gregarach

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Rob Roy, The Gregarach is a romantic drama in three acts by George Soan[1].

The original text

Described as "A romantick drama", it was first produced at the Drury Lane Theatre, on March 25, 1818. Published in London by Richard White 1818.

South African productions

A play called Rob Roy MacGregor Campbell, said to be based on Scott's novel, was performed a number of times in the African Theatre, Cape Town by the amateur company English Theatricals in the years 1823-24 (it is later simply referred to a Rob Roy in the sources). It may have been this version by Soane, though it is most likely the more widely known and published musical version by Isaac Pocock (1782–1835)[2], with music by John Davy (1763-1824)[3], since there are references to an Overture and original music in the advertisements for the productions.

For performances in South Africa, see Rob Roy


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