Rina Botha

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Rina Botha (19**-198*) Actress, writer and very influential voice teacher.


Born in George as Catherina P. Botha.

She was married to Johan Fourie. Her second husband, Carel “Yster” Hattingh, died in 1970.


She studied at the Stellenbosch University. In 1964 she returned to the Stellenbosch University to study acting under Fred Engelen and complete a B.A. Honours degree in Afrikaans literature.


She became a teacher in Sutherland. In 1944 she left teaching to enter the acting profession, where she met the actor Johan Fourie and joined his company, later marrying him. She spent 12 years with the Johan Fourie-toneelgeselskap (“ Johan Fourie Theatre Company”), later doing work for NTO as well.

Engelen appointed her as lecturer in speech and voice in the Stellenbosch University Drama Department, and she remained there till her death in 198*.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

A large number of Afrikaans performers and speech teachers trained with her, including Annelise van der Ryst, Rina Nienaber, Johan Esterhuizen, Antoinette Kellerman, Dawie Malan, Laurika Rauch, Juanita Swanepoel (Nita Fourie) and Marie Kruger, the latter two following her as voice teachers in the department.

Among her roles in theatre were in Verlore Siele (1945), Geknakte Riete (Johan Fourie, 1952) and Faust (1966).

She also wrote a number of stories.

Awards, etc


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