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{Name of the person} (19**-19**) is a {Brief descriptive identification of the person}

PLEASE NOTE: ESAT employs British linguistic usage, so spelling and punctuation in English would normally follow that convention. For example, the abbreviations for "mister", "mistress", "doctor", etc. are written Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc. and NOT "Mr.", "Mrs." or "Dr.", as found in American usage.


This would normally contain information on matters such as birth, youth, training, family life, and career profile (outside his/her career in theatre, film, media and performance).

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

This is the core section for the encyclopaedia. You may break it up into such categories as are deemed necessary. (e.g contributions as actor, as director, as writer, as designer, etc; or roles as stage actor, film actor, radio actor, etc...) The main idea is to make this an easy resource to use.

Awards, etc

Only use if relevant in this case.


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