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They are an NPO - the brainchild of actors Chad Abrahams and Keeno-Lee Hector - who, a few years ago, decided they all loved to party and might as well party with a purpose. It started with the entry fee to their house jols being a toy to give to the needy. Their idea has grown to such an extent that Friday night saw a jam-packed venue, with the goodness that represented the true meaning synonymous with this time of the year - that of giving. This time their purpose was to "kit a kid for school" - in preparation for the new school year. Entrance fee equalled a school uniform (or parts thereof), which allowed you access to a world of local artists who performed everything from hip hop to rock, and from jazz to folk material. Music, food and drink aided a concomitance of love, respect and appreciation. On opening the festivities, Chad addressed the attendees as "the good people in the city" - those who genuinely want to make a difference - as prizes were given out and Boeta Gamat and Boeta Joe (of Joe Barber fame) made us all forget about the crime outside for a while. But all was not just about escaping and partying. Roshina Ratnam recited one of her poems dedicated to Brett Goldin - one that spoke very clearly of her anger and how she will channel that anger, through her art, as a tool of beauty to fight back with. According toChad Abrahams, Chairperson of the Organisation, "The Party with a Purpose events have grown from strength to strength and does not only create a platform for networking and socializing, but more importantly raises awareness and donations for each of the various social challenges themed for each party."


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