Out of Time

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Out of Time is a short opera composed by Péter Louis van Dijk.

Original text

The opera is a brief journey by ‘Black Taxi’ through prejudice, miscommunication, greed and xenophobia.


2010: Presented at the Baxter Theatre (November), directed by Geoffrey Hyland, as part of Five:20 Operas Made in SA


Wayne Muller. 2018. A reception history of opera in Cape Town: Tracing the development of a distinctly South African operatic aesthetic (1985–2015). Unpublished PhD thesis.

"Five: 20 - Operas made in South Africa". University of Cape Town. https://humanities.uct.ac.za/cca/projects-archive-and-curatorship-arc-visual-university/five-20-operas-made-south-africa

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